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123005130 FROMFB I just got this in the mail today due to the reviews from PC Magazine! I bought it for the file management but after watching some of the videos from youtube I will be playing with some of the other options this program offers that my current editing program dont. My main issue right now is learning how to back up a folder to a cd in this program. Any help would be great.. ENU 2014-08-22 Hide
123005042 FROMFB Thanks for the "gift", both, PCMag and you. I made the installation (on XP with SP3) but i had a problem with the RAW files of D600.I downloaded also the patch, but again the program could not process them. Any idea? Thanks in advance. ENU 2014-03-28 Hide
123005039 FROMFB can i download a digital upgrade version of this!? ENU 2014-03-14 Hide
123005037 FROMFB If you keep it to tutorials and information on your products it would be better. ENU 2014-03-12 Hide
123005036 FROMFB its much better than other photo apps and different all at the say time.....looooov iiit ENU 2014-02-25 Hide
123005033 FROMFB i really love this apps.. ENU 2014-02-13 Hide
123005032 FROMFB Ein tolles Programm aber mit einem Manko, meines Erachtens, es kann nicht PNG Bilder verarbeiten oder erstellen. ENU 2014-02-13 Hide
123005030 FROMFB ok ENU 2014-02-13 Hide
123005029 FROMFB get a free gift from cyberlink ENU 2014-02-13 Hide
123004906 FROMFB Can someone please contact me re: A) Possible Beta testing and/or B) and interview on Aussie with a representative of the App Team re: this Windows RT App? Ta ENU 2013-01-16 Hide
123004697 FROMFB Still haven't had any responce on my product key issue. ENU 2013-01-17 Hide
123004667 FROMFB I wish it had 24/96 sound output. I would buy it :) ENU 2013-10-11 Hide
123004660 FROMFB Hi Lloyd Franklin, Have you raised this question on our online customer service? If so, could you send us a private message detailing your CS number? Meanwhile there is a full discussion on retrieving lost cd key on this link. ENU 2013-01-17 Hide
123004463 FROMFB Good question Mikey. We have made a full comparison of PowerDirector 11 with the existing products in the market and here, you will clearly see the difference. ENU 2012-12-20 Hide
123004459 FROMFB Hi Cyberlink, I received an e-mail today. My product key has been reset, we will see how long my key lasts before I need it reset again. It's been 3 times in two months. ENU 2013-01-18 Hide
123004428 FROMFB Hi WPDownUnder, we're forwarding your questions to our staff who can accurately answer your questions. Meanwhile, could you please send us a private message here on facebook detailing your requests? ENU 2013-01-17 Hide
123004350 FROMFB good ENU 2012-12-15 Hide